Sunday 15 October 2017

The Arms Deal

 Supply Chain
There is no supply chain; no faction controls the whole of the manufacturing processes. This means local commanders (players) are going to have to lead a hand to mouth existence most of the time.
This is still the same if you are operating close to a port, unless the port has enough of the Royal Navy to keep the sea lanes open, supplies are still going to be hit and miss getting to you.
This means all sides will be building/taking over any factories they can to make some of the arms, ammunition and other equipment they need. These will then become targets for every other faction in the area.
The supply chain problems will make any tanks and other vehicles you have very important. Losing them should/will have a knock on effect in all your future games.
The tanks of 1938 are no way near as strong as those of 1944/45. They are not much more than tracked skips the size of a Transit van. They are not going to burst through a mature British hedge. More than likely they will be beached on and old tree stump or have track pulled off. Along with the supply problems this will make all tank commanders very conservative in how they fight, as no tankie wants to become an infantryman.
We did get to do so BIG games. This is one of two tables back to back.
 The lack on a supply chain will have an effect on infantry units as well. The Lee Enfield rifle may have a range of 1000 yards, but if your troops only have 40-50 rounds each, then they are going to hold their fire and not engage an enemy until the range is 200-300 yards. This is going to be even more likely if the unit is a half trained militia unit.
Trying to control large areas with little or no fuel for vehicles will mean commanders going using a lot of bicycles and going back to the horse. Almost all commanders are going to raise mounted infantry units as a way to cover as much ground as possible.
 The Arms Deal
The Leighton Buzzard Defence Force started the civil war very short of arms and ammunition. To improve things they have done an arms deal with some Londoners, the Mitchel brothers. Unfortunately the local BUF have got wind of the deal.
A farm is in the centre of the table, with a road running down one side. The farm has a main house and some out buildings. There is a track leading away from the farm across the fields on the other side of the road from the farm. The rest of the table is fields, orchards or small woods.
General Situation
There are 4 Lorries parked in the farmyard.
All sides need to draw a map of their deployment
MAP- Use a farm from your local area.
Red Forces
Troop List
Platoon Commander with pistol
Platoon Sergeant with SMG
2x runners
2x 10 man sections each with an SMG and LMG the rest armed with rifles.
1x 10 man section of police (see platoon generator) that are only armed with rifles. This section is reluctant (see platoon generator).
1x armoured lorry
3x vans/ Lorries
Set up at both ends of the table on or next to the road.
Capture the arms and as many rebels as possible.

Blue Forces
Troop List
Platoon Commander with pistol, 1 pipe bomb (improvised grenade)
Platoon Sergeant with Shotgun, 1 pipe bomb
2x runners
2x 10 man sections 1 with an LMG, 4 figures in each section have shotguns the rest armed with rifles plus 1 pipe bomb per section.
Draw a map of your deployment. One section must be between 12” and 24” from any farm building. 2 of the lorries in the farm yard are yours and a now loaded with arms. Treat the pipe bombs as grenades, but have a 1 in 6 chance of not going off.
Get the arms off table or destroy/drive off Red forces.

Green Forces
Troop List
The Mitchel brothers= 2 NCOs with pistols, 1 has a pipe bomb.
1x 8 man section with an LMG, 2 shotguns the rest armed with rifles.
2x drivers both armed with pistols (treat as platoon runners)
You start in the farm yard, you a have 2 empty lorries and a lot of cash.
Get off the table with the cash and some motor transport. With the arms as well if you can!


  1. I can see the idea of 'bicycle dragoons' won't be one to sniff at in the world of VBCW. :)

    Nice scenario idea.

  2. Thanks AJ, I'm trying to write bread and butter games. The sort any platoon commander could find himself (or herself) fighting every week.