Wednesday 11 January 2012

Mortar Team

 The is my mortar team, the bits are as follows; 2 Muskeeter figures, 1 right hand from Old Glory, mortar bomb from Empress and a Stokes mortar from Warlord.
I cut the pistol from the left hand of the standing figure. Then cut of his right hand. The Old Glory hand had a sword in it which I cut off and then drilled in to the top and bottom. The mortar bomb was cut in half and then the middle third was cut out.
 With some very good super glue I stuck the two half of the mortar bomb in to the hand. This took three or four go's to get right.
I then drilled in to the right arm so I could stick the hand on.

Monday 2 January 2012

Finished Royalists and Others

Work in progress
 Just after I started these Pete (Panzerkaput) asked me what do West Country Royalists look like? Pete is doing the illustrations for the SFF book and is doing pictures of all the sides fighting in Somerset.
Finished gun group
 I said they had red or green Carlist style berets with a yellow tassle. Pete said he was going to give them cream or light gray jackets. I said I liked light gray and so have painted the vickers team like that.
 I have also finished 2 Muskeeter and 3 Artizan figures at the same time.
Next will be a mortar team.