Monday 28 January 2013

A Great Book, Thanks Mum

I went down to Somerset a couple of weeks a go to see my Mum and Godfather Dick. My Mum has been a great supporter of VBCW from beginning helping with a lot of the background stuff, ideas and recipes. She is now doing WW2 cooking demo's at the Glastonbury Rural Life Museum. Mum has been reading 'Somerset V Hitler' Secret Operations in the Mendips 1939-1945. This is a great book, for those interested  both VBCW and Home Guard/ Operation Sealion. It is full of first hand accounts from both the Home Guard and the Auxiliary's.
The Auxiliary's where the British Resistance Army set-up by MI6 to attack an Invader in the rear from hidden bases. Somerset had the second biggest Auxiliary unit in the country.
The Book also has a section from the Mendip Company Home Guard War Book, telling how they would stop the German army advancing from Wells to Bristol up the A37. This could be used by a wargamer for a fact based Operation Sealion game.