Sunday 8 September 2013

Even More Conversion Work

Artizan Partisan
 The Top figure is from the same Artizan pack as the BAR gunner. The other two are from North Star's SCW figure pack. The North Star figures are ok apart from the rifles which are a bit rubbish.
North Star's SCW figures. The rifle on the left has been changed.
 The Artizan figure was easy, I just cut off the old rifle at the left hand and drilled down through the hand as far as I could. I then cut out the rest of the rifle from between the hands and drilled a little way in to the right hand.
With a TAG rifle.
 I cut the left hand at the top to separate the fingers and make 1 thumb. The rifle had most of the butt cut off, just leaving a small peg. This peg was shaved down to fit in to the hole I'd drilled in to the right hand.

 The fingers where opened out to fit the rifle. The rifle was glued in to place using the peg and on the left hand.
The North Star figure was even easier. The rifle and right hand had to be cut away, I then drilled up in to the arm and used a Musketeer rifle and hand from a Black and Tan figure to replace them.

Saturday 7 September 2013

More Figure Conversions

 So I've wanted to do another BAR figure conversion for ages, but haven't found the right figure. Then I came across a pack of Artizan Partisans, one of which had a separate right arm. I spent 2 or 3 weeks with the figure on my desk, looking at the best way of doing it.
 I cut out some of the jacket (not enough) to fit the BAR and some from underneath the arm. I also filed down the BAR.
 The new right hand is from Old Glory and started out with a sword in it. I cut off the old right hand and rifle, then drilled in to the arm at an angle. I cut a V in to the new hand and tried to line it all up. This failed so I got out my gel super glue and went for it.
 Firstly I stuck the BAR to the body at an angle that looked about right. Then I stuck the arm over this and lastly stuck on the hand. The hand took 3 or 4 goes to get right.
 I needed to fill in a small gap under the arm pit with some Green Stuff, then sit back and draw a breath.
The figure has worked out very well and adds some more fire power to the SFF.
 I need to see how many converted figures I have and I'm now aiming at a full platoon.
I'll post some pictures of the other work I've just done later.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Twinwood 2013

Yes me, off to a point to point race meeting.
 Twinwood is a 30s, 40s, 50s festival at the airfield once used by Glen Miller in WW2. It's a great weekend for music, dancing and dressing up.
 These photo's where taken by my wife Clare, I hope they help you with painting ideas.

Yes me again.

This Ford just needs a Lewis gun to be part of VBCW.

Note rucksack and fuel can.

The lady on the right made the dresses and the hats.