Sunday 23 September 2018

Battle of the Cokers

I'm putting on a Sunday game at the end of October set in my South Somerset campaign. The game will start with all the players having fought for up to 24 hours, so they are going to be short of ammunition.
I've made up the following rules to cover this;

HMG and LMG ammunition is counted in ‘BURSTS’. Each player will start with a number of ‘Bursts’ for his platoon. As his HMG/LMGs fire then 1 burst is crossed off his Burst tracker.

HMG/LMG Burst; firing 3 or more shoots at one time or 1 shot at a building.
LMG Double Tap; when an LMG firing 2 shoots at one time. A double tap doesn’t count as a burst BUT does count as automatic fire so the target must take a nerve test.