Wednesday 28 August 2013

Five Go Mad in Dunton Pt2

The hamlet of Dunton
 The five players were: Alan as Colonel Allen Faulkner, Dennis as Bulldog Drummond, Matt commanding his Leighton Buzzard Defence Forces, Dik playing BUF and Neil with the Anglican League.
Looking at the table Dennis was in the walled farm in the centre. The BUF came in on the road at the top, Anglican League the right, Alan at the bottom, Matt on the left.
Bulldog's vehicles in the farm courtyard
 Dik found himself facing a unit in BUF uniforms (Alan) but as these deployed in to a skirmish line, Dik was forced to move forward with his armoured car to block the road. Neil arrived on the table, de-bused and attacked Alan's forces around the church.
As Dennis held back, hiding Mr Johnson in the white barn and didn't reveal himself. Matt split his platoon one section heading for the terrace house as the other two moved to cut the roads.
 Dik forced his way in to the farm and started a fire fight with Dennis in the court yard. Tommy guns and BARs at point blank range. Meanwhile Alan lost a section to the Anglican League.
Alan failed to use the letter to get the Dik and his BUF on his side, which started to lose him the game.
Leighton Boys after a Lorry 
In the court yard it was an even battle between the BUF and Dennis's Black Gang. It quickly became a hand to hand fight with Bulldog himself killing three BUF.
Alan finally got in to the farm house and sore off a section of Anglican League.
Matt had decided to stay out of the fighting and search the terrace and then try and steal one of Alan's trucks!
Dennis lost Mr Johnson to the BUF and then made a run for it as He was now out gunned, Bulldog and the rest of the Black Gang fading in to the early morning mist.
Alan finally used the letter and got help from the BUF so seeing off the Anglican League and getting hold of Mr Johnson, just as the Leighton Boys drove off in his lorry.
A great game well played by all.
The winners: Alan and Matt
Loser: Dennis

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