Monday 5 August 2013

Battle of Wing and Tilsworth, Pt2

The village.
 The attack on Wing started badly for the BUF. A chance card meant that their only vehicle broke down and didn't move for the rest of the game.
The BUF then had to get past the trench line on the edge of the village. Covered by an HMG the BUF pushed up the left side of the trenches and then up the road.

The BUF's only vehicle which broke down on the first move.
 The BUF cavalry advanced up their right flank towards the garage. The defenders where slow to form up and could only deploy an HMG to try and stop the cavalry.
BUF cavalry
 The cavalry bypassed the HMG and dismounted to attack a section in the white house in the middle of the village.
 In the centre, fighting was around the red brick terrace after the BUF over ran the trenches.
The Leighton Boys tried to counter-attack in the centre but this failed and they where forced back to edge of the village. The section in the white house lacked an LMG so couldn't get the dismounted cavalry to take an nerve test and started to lose  the fire fight. At this point I pulled the Leighton Boys off the table. And that was the end of the battle on this table.