Sunday 4 August 2013

Battles at Wing and Tilsworth, part 1

The second one day battle I've put on at the Leighton Buzzard club was about starting a campaign around Leighton itself. The story starts at the beginning of 1938, as follows.
The village of Tilsworth, with the A5 in the foreground.

 After their encounter with the Leighton Boys both the BUF and the Duke of Bedford see them as a threat. The BUF are planning to send two flying columns into Leighton, 1 from Dunstable and the other from Aylesbury.

The Duke of Bedford is also planning a large fighting patrol, with orders to cross the A5 and ‘show the flag’ to these upstarts.  
The village of Wing looking towards Aylesbury.

The Dunstable column ran in to the Duke of Bedford on the A5 and a fight started. Both sides where slow to move towards the village, giving the villages a chance to form up and man their defences. 
Tilsworth church.

 In Wing the BUF had a hard fight to get past a line of trenches guarding the edge of the village. This was not helped when their armoured van broke down on the first move and would not restart.
BUF attacking the defences of Wing.

This belongs to the Duke of Bedford.
 The Duke had some home made armour, but this was slow to get into the fight.


  1. I like the set up looks good.

  2. Thanks. About 90 minutes to set up both tables.

  3. Great looking game there Mort and I am looking forward to the next part