Monday 12 August 2013

Battle of Wing and Tilsworth Pt3

Another BUF Commander with a leggy female friend.
 The battle for Tilsworth started with the Duke of Bedford and the BUF facing off down the A5. Both commanders advanced with armoured cars first and these where soon trading fire. Both commanders also bought on all their trainsport and this soon clogged up the road.
Armoured  car on the A5 with Tilsworth behind.

BUF attacking the Tilsworth road block.
 The battle centred on the road for 5 or 6 moves giving time for the defenders of Tilsworth to muster at the pub and man their trenches. With no space to get his vehicles off the road the BUF commander finished up with a bus leading the charge in to Tilsworth.
Tilsworth defence line.
 Under fire from both the village defenders and the Duke's 18lb'er the BUF where forced to withdraw. The Duke was in no poistion to follow up or attack Tilsworth as he had lost his armoured car and some infantry.
This left the village in the hands of its defenders the Leighton Buzzard Defence Force.