Saturday 29 September 2012

15mm VBCW

Boys A/T rifle with a head swop

 Well I've started some 15mm Peter Pig figures for VBCW. I've been thinking about doing some bigger battles, 28mm doesn't look right when 10 figures are trying to be a company so 15mm it is.
I'm going to use the AK47 rules as a start point and re-write them as I see fit. I've done one of the political flow charts so far.
Gun crew for the 2lbs
Lewis gunner
 Peter Pig do a great range of figures and separate heads. I'm using pack  70. WW1/2 French Alpine troop Berets (big floppy berets)  on mix of figures to make up my first unit of Anglican League.
2lbs with crew with a head swop

The 2lbs anti-tank gun has the gunner molded on so I just cut off his head and added a new one. Iwant to do this with a Warlord 28mm gun, but that will have to wait.

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  1. Neat conversions. I do like Peter Pig, but cost factors decided me to opt for 10mm.