Saturday 24 November 2012

An Evening Game At The Tring Club

The table, BUF attacking from top right, Frank Wilde top left, Royalists bottom left.

The weekend at Evesham was a bit of a disappointment so it was nice to put on a game for the Tring club last night. I carried on the story from the Evesham games with the BUF/ Royalists attacking the village of Badgworth. The fluff was as follows:

After 7 days of fighting the Anglian League are on the back foot and in need of a victory. The fighting is now around the village of Wedmore and the surrounding area.  Badgworth is the last hamlet controlled the Anglian League which overlooks the A38 one of the major roads though Somerset.
The Government is launching an attack from the A38 and the levels. The only problem is the on-going bad feeling between the BUF and local Royalists.

As usual you have drawn the short store straw. Your attack is across the levels and your armoured support keeps bogging down. Your orders are to capture the T junction to the right of the village and cut it off from Wedmore.
You will not give any support to the BUF. The other militia is that of Frank Wilde, you get on well with Him and his men. You will support Frank during the battle.

BUF tank tries to run over the Anglican League Vickers HMG and gets beached.

The Royalist have been forced on you again. You have given them the hardest start point. You plan to rush the Anglican League positions and capture both T Junctions before the Royalists can get out of the rhynes. You are also being supported by Frank Wilde and his militia. You get on well with Frank and his boys. You’ll give him any support He wants.

Frank Wilde
You’re caught between a rock and a hard place. The BUF and Royalists have not made friends and you are in the middle. Thankfully you get on with both sides and they like you. You just want to get the job done and go home.

Plucky/mad Anglican League attack the tank

Anglican League
You are 1 of 2 platoon commanders in Badgworth. You need to keep hold of the village so you can try and stop any government movement up and down the A38. Your forces are short of sandbags so you have had the locals make gabions, like the old civil war.

The players were new to the Went The Day Well? rules but soon picked them up. The Royalists struggled through the rhynes and Frank did little to support the BUF. The Anglican's should have been able to take advantage of this but failed due to poor deployment. The BUF's tank made fast progress up the road, but beached itself on a hedge for 3 moves! It was then attacked by 2 members of the Anglican League.
We ran out of time just as things were getting interesting so had to call it a draw.
the rules worked well as did my house rules and everyone enjoyed the game. Rolll on the next one.


  1. Looks like a good game Mort.

  2. Hi Mort - I've put you up for a Liebster Award, should you wish to acept it!

  3. Thanks JP.
    Smillie, Thanks mate. I'm lucky to have the Tring club all their kit.