Thursday 30 August 2012

Some New Work

Warlord Patizan
 Having done a lot of conversion work on Empress figures I thought I'd do some on Warlord figures. I've also used some Warlord heads on Brigade Games and Musketeer figures.
After having the work done
 As you can see from this picture I changed the rifle and gave the figure a British helmet.
 I'm going to do the other figure with an ammo box instead of the stick grenade.
Brigade Games figure with Warlord Head
 I wanted to add an Officer and LMG to the BUF Auxiliary I've already done, so used Warlord Tam heads on these 3 figures.
Musketeer with Warlord Head

Musketeer with Warlord Head

Painted Figure

Painted Figure

Painted Figure
Next up will be some more Warlord Partisan conversions.