Saturday 30 September 2017

VBCW Scenarios

The scenarios are designed to work with the ‘When The Day Well?’ Rule set and the platoon generator. The scenarios can be used with other rule sets.
Most of the games are for 2 sides with or without an umpire, but this being VBCW some of the games have 3, 4 or 5 sides.

Some of the games are set in Somerset and have rhynes which are a type of drainage ditch. If you’re fighting in another part of the country change these for hedges or walls. In most of the games both sides are restricted in numbers and to which vehicles they can have. Players should only read the parts of the scenario that affect them.
The scenarios are laid out in the same way as Charles Stewart Grant's excellent book Programmed Wargames Scenarios book.

Each scenario will be set out in the following way. Use the platoon generator to work out what class your troops are.
General Situation
MAP (Players will have to come up with their own) 
All sides should read the first 4 sections and look at the map, then only read the parts covering their forces.

Red Forces
Troop List

Blue Forces
Troop List

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