Tuesday 18 June 2013

At Last the Para's Are Back

3 figures as they came from Warlord.
 Warlord have finally put the Italian para's back on reinforcement so I could buy the single figures I want.
3 more untouched.
 The BEF Belgians are very nice, but are a bit on the big side when next to Warlord or Musketeer. I also like the look of the para's with their roll neck sweaters under their jackets.
The NCO now with Empress head and TAG Tommy gun
 So I ordered 11 para's to add a 4th section to my Anglican League. All bar one are going to be converted, here is some of the work so far.
The same figure during...
 As you can see the NCO has had his Beretta changed to a Tommy gun and a head swop. One of the riflemen now has a BAR. I'll post some finished work as soon as I can.


  1. Looking good mate, your conversions are always great!

  2. Great looking conversions there Mort

  3. Thanks gents. Hope to get some more work done on Sunday after I get back from Giles's RCW game.