Saturday 18 May 2013

Battle of Pembroke Dock

Matt and I went up to Stafford for a game put on by Ian and Neil at the Midland Wargames Centre.

The table, with 1 of the beaches at the top.

My HMG was in this house covering the other beach

Some of the landing troops.

Our pilot getting ready for a mission.

BUF commander.

A great days fighting. The 2 landing beaches where covered by HMGs, mine did a lot of damage to Neil's troops as he landed. I reduced 3 sections to 4 men each.Matt then got up the cliffs and my section had to pull back or get cut off. My HMG then got blown out of the manor house.Ian had an easier landing at the other end of the table. After that it was a good old knock em out fight across the table.The Midlands Wargames Centre is a great place and would be a very good location for a 2 day big game.


  1. Great photos Mort and I do like the BUF Commander's companion

  2. Yes a lovely young lady. The wargame's centre is worth a look.