Saturday 30 March 2013

From My Work Bench

4 Royalists
 I've been putting the Easter break to good use by finishing some figures. 4 for my Royalists, 3 BUF boy soldiers, 1 Musketeer IWI and 1 warlord.
 The Royalists are 3 Empress and 1 Musketeer, all 4 have had head swaps. The Musketeer figure is a Black and Tan figure which didn't fit in with any of my units. So a quick head swap and a repaint, now he can be added to the Royalists.
3 BUF boy soldiers
 The BUF boy soldiers started out as Brigade Games Chinese, all 3 have had head swaps using Gripping Beast French Marines heads. Gripping Beast heads are a bit smaller than Empress so look better on these figures. They started out with Mauser rifles, but as you can see I've changed 2 for Lee Enfield's and 1 for a Tommy gun. The Enfields make the figures look smaller, so add to the 'boy soldier' look. There are some photo's of the Brigade figures next to some Musketeer elsewhere in my blog.
1 Warlord and 1 Musketeer
The last 2 figures are untouched, I was going to do some weapon swaps, but in the end just wanted to get them finished as they are going on to ebay.