Sunday 2 October 2011

Third Tring Game part 2

Giles's tank
 Giles arrived with 2 tanks and a platoon of infantry. With the AT gun destroyed he could advance on the bridge.
Ook's command group
 On the other table Ook moved to out-flank Allan and Andy.
Andy's Royalist militia
 Andy advanced in to an orchard to try and stop Ook. His Royalists supported by some policemen.
Andy's section attack on the farm.
 Another section of Andy's moved down to farm ready to fight it out with Smillie's Anglican League.
1 of Jim's Officers waiting for the BUF.
 Jim and Rob spread out along the river to try and stop the BUF.
Jims Chrusher moves to engage the BUF
Both sides closed up, with Matt's HMG cutting down most of a section of the Anglican League.
More soon.

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  1. Looks like a great game there Mort and I love the flags.