Thursday 29 September 2011

Third Tring Game part 1

Whistle Bridge
 Jim and Rob's Anglican League were defending Whistle Bridge from Matts Reccon in force. Matt came under fire from Rob's AT gun and an Infantry section. Matt moved down to the river and destroyed the AT gun and forced the section to retire.
East Coker
 Ook and Smillie were in East Coker as the Anglican League, when it was attacked by Allan and Andy. This was Andy's first wargame and I'd dropped him in at the deep end ( sorry mate). Allan and Andy deployed behind the ridge line. And then tryed to take the farm. This was defended by Smillie firing from the hedge line. As this was going on Andy moved to his left. Mean while Ook was moving from the centre of the village to cut Andy off.
Smillie's Reccy Shed

More of smillie's work

Comd Rob's Gun
 Matt was running out of steam when Giles arrived.
Matts foot

Jim's foot

Ook's Anglican League (I think)

Ook's tank. Destroyed by Andy in his first game

Jim's crusher


  1. Nice game summary mate, and thanks for putting on such an enjoyable day.

  2. Looks like it was a hoot. Go the foot!