Sunday 3 July 2011

Who's Where

So now you seen the map, here's a who's where list.
The Anglican League have just taken Wedmore (in the second Tring game) and now control that village and the town of Cheddar. The victory and capture of Wedmore has taken a lot of presure of the Anglican League and freed up a lot of their troops. They failed to get arms to their supporters in Burnham-on-Sea (in the first game at Tring) and don't know if there are any left after a Government crack down in the town. They would still like to take Weston-Super-Mare and control all of North Somerset.
Anglican League Militia. Warlord figures with Woodbine heads.


Officer of unknow unit. Empress figure Warlord right hand andWebley pistol, Dixon horse. 
The BUF are on the back foot with the Somerset Freedom Fighters (SFF) having 3 road blocks on the main road between Bristol and Bridgwater. Lord Winterfield (BUF leader in Somerset) is also losing some of his personal control to Royalists who now have troops in Bridgwater as well as Bristol. With the Anglican League taking Wedmore the BUF must reinforce their garrisons in Axbridge and Cross or they may lose them to the Anglican League.
The SFF have 3 road blocks on the main road. 1 at Churchill and 2 between Bridgewater and East Brent at the bridges. But they are being pulled in to defending fixed poistions against superior forces, which may cost them soon.

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