Saturday 30 July 2011

Another Good Week

My first idea
With Pete's help I now have 3 SFF unit patches. My first idea was a oval patch,but Pete also did a
triangular 1 which in the end is the 1 I'm going to use.

 I've found 2 companies which can make the patches so I'm going to email them and get a price.

 Painting wise I've finished the Lewis gunner and 'Hero' Officer for the BUF. Yes even the BUF have hero's.

 I seem to be in command of the Anglican League at the next big game at Evesham, so I'm going to try and make an assault company for the game. This figure will be one of them.
 Allan and I have been talking about civvie rules to add on to Ook's 'Went The Day Well' rules. Here are my first 3. Spies need civies to hid amoung, so these should add somthing extra to the games.


  1. I would like to see those patches as well patches. I am really glad you like them and it was a real pleasure doing them for you.