Sunday 30 January 2011

Battle of Westhay

The village of Westhay

Played my first VBCW game at the Tring club on Friday night. The setup was as follows:-

The Anglican League have decided to try and clear the SFF from Shapwick Heath which is very close to Glastonbury. The areas under there control were getting squeezed and the Anglican League had to come out fighting. The first part of this will be to take the village of Westhay and secure the bridge over the river Brue.
SFF in a trench
Your intelligence have told you to prepare for at attack. Your orders are to hold the bridge and north/south road.Your troops are
HQ officer+ 2 riflemen (officer has a roadside bomb, see rules)
2 man anti-tank team officer +1 rifleman, 2 sticky bombs, 3 grenades, crowbar.
2 sections each 10 men with LMG.
Throw D6
1= 1 section as above
2-5= HMG 4 crew.
6= Mortar 4 crew
Jim's Rolls Royce armoured cars
Anglican League You have been ordered to take the bridge at Westhay. You must take the bridge or cut the north/south road by taking one of the T junctions.

Your troops are
HQ officer + 3 riflemen
2 man grenade team, NCO +1 rifleman, 1 satchel charge, 5 grenade’s.
3 sections each 8 men with LMG.
Mortar with 3 crew + 2 man observer team.
2 Rolls Royce A/cars
SFF on the southern flank
Jim was attacking and I was defending. The first picture of the table is looking east towards Glastonbury.
Jim attacked with the a/cars on the main road, 1 section to the south of the road and 1 section and mortar in the centre to support the a/cars. 1 section to the north advancing along the lane.
I throw a D6 and got 1 so had 3 sections. 1 south of the main road 1 just north in trenches covering the 2
road blocks and 1 in reserve between the two roads.
Anglican League on the southern flank
Jim moved the a/cars up to the road block with the rest of his men fanned out across the table. I opened fire with an LMG but didn’t damage the a/car.
On the south side our two sections got in to a fire fight which lasted all of the game. On the north side one of Jim’s sections moved down the lane to the road block and attacked my trenches.
The a/cars rammed the barricade and broke through. They then split up going down different roads to flank my defending sections. 
Jim killed 1 LMG gunner in the trenches,but had the driver killed and machine gun knocked out in one of the a/cars, by the reserve section LMG.
My lead section in the trenches went to half strength because of fire from 2 sections and the mortar. The section failed its first ‘Run to the Hills’ test and buggered off. Jim moved his centre section into the trenches.
It then became a foot race between one Jim’s sections and one of mine to reach the bridge.
On the south side the second a/car put flanking fire on to my section at which point the SFF commander went out to attack it with a sticky bomb. Ook had not put Roadside Bombs in the rules and I had not checked before the game so changed to a sticky bomb.
As the Commander attacked the a/car it failed it’s ‘Run to the Hills’ test and buggered off as well.
The SFF Commander then moved over to the southern section to lend it some morale support.
Jim’s section got to the bridge first, but was attacked by my last section.
With my southern section down to 2 men and the mortar set up in the middle of the table, now dropping bombs on my last section, I know I couldn’t win so conceded the game.

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