Saturday 22 January 2011

1938 Project, part 5

As well as Empress figures I also use a lot of Warlord Italain Paratroopers for my Anglican League.
As with the riflemen I cun off the end of the MG42 and then drilled as far down it as I could. Then cut any ruff edges, from out of the left hand and the body. I then cut off the head. I cut the butt off the Tommy gun and trimmed it to fit. Then drilled down into the body to fit the head (which is from Empress).
The figure just needs matt varnishing to finish it, I'll post photo's tommorow.


  1. I love these para's. 1930s but still modern looking. I may buy some AK47s and do some 1988 VBCW with them.

  2. Very nice Mort, top conversion work.