Tuesday 30 September 2014

2nd One Day Game at Leighton Buzzard Pt1

The crossroads table.
 A great day's fighting on 2 tables. The Duke of Bedford, Hugh ‘Bulldog’ Drummond, Colonel Allen Faulkner, plus 2 platoons of BUF and Leighton Buzzard Workers Collective and a late showing from the Anglican League all lead to some very confused fighting around the village of Newton Longville.
Both ‘Bulldog’ Drummond and Colonel Faulkner were in the village to 'rescue' a Mr Johnson, everyone else was there to fly the flag and put on a show of force.
On the village table things started slowly as the BUF (Adrian) were conned by ‘Bulldog’ Drummond's (me) men, dressed as policemen to attack Colonel Faulkner (Mr PK). Grim's (Matt) Leighton Buzzard Workers Collective moved in to the village behind their tank. 

On the other table Pinback (Richard) as the other Workers Collective commander fought it out with the BUF (Dik) until the Duke of Bedford's (Rob) forces arrived, this table then turned in to a 3 way fight around crossroads in the middle of the table.
The village of Newton Longville.
 The Workers Collective tried to find a way round the BUF and Colonel Faulkner. The Workers Collective didn't want to start a fight without finding out who everyone else was. So for the first hour or more the only fighting was between the BUF and ‘Bulldog’ Drummond.
Colonel Faulkner drives in to the village.
 On the other table the BUF quickly got the upper hand over the Leightoner's but were pulled up short by the arrive of the Duke's forces.
'Bulldog Drummond's' men outside the manor.

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