Sunday 27 April 2014

Finished Figures and some luck on Ebay

2 Artizan policemen
 So I've finished the 2 figures I was converting alone with some Artizan policemen.
Finished figure
 I think the rifleman has come out very well, the other figure is good as well but I can't get a good picture of him.
First of my ebay winnings.
 I've also had some luck with ebay, winning 138 Empress figures for £150 in 6 or 7 lots. This should mean I have enough figures for my converted platoon and a lot left over. I've also ordered 40 British helmets and 10 Tommy guns.
2 converted figures.
My plan is to do head/hat/helmet conversions and some weapon conversions as well and then sell then in 10 man sections or as weapons teams. Of the above figures I'm going to keep the rifleman and sell the BAR armed figure.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks PK, as I'm going to get an AT gun, 3 or 4 HMGs as part of the deal I'm feeling a bit smug.

  2. Excellent job, and a nice find.