Saturday 7 September 2013

More Figure Conversions

 So I've wanted to do another BAR figure conversion for ages, but haven't found the right figure. Then I came across a pack of Artizan Partisans, one of which had a separate right arm. I spent 2 or 3 weeks with the figure on my desk, looking at the best way of doing it.
 I cut out some of the jacket (not enough) to fit the BAR and some from underneath the arm. I also filed down the BAR.
 The new right hand is from Old Glory and started out with a sword in it. I cut off the old right hand and rifle, then drilled in to the arm at an angle. I cut a V in to the new hand and tried to line it all up. This failed so I got out my gel super glue and went for it.
 Firstly I stuck the BAR to the body at an angle that looked about right. Then I stuck the arm over this and lastly stuck on the hand. The hand took 3 or 4 goes to get right.
 I needed to fill in a small gap under the arm pit with some Green Stuff, then sit back and draw a breath.
The figure has worked out very well and adds some more fire power to the SFF.
 I need to see how many converted figures I have and I'm now aiming at a full platoon.
I'll post some pictures of the other work I've just done later.