Monday 7 May 2012

Boy Soldiers and Other Stuff

1 of the finished boy soldiers
 Well I finished the boy soldiers and have added some  Musketeer Black and Tans to make up the unit. All of these have been painted up as BUF Auxiliaries.
2 more boy soldiers

Stealth mortar team
 These are my SFF steath mortar team. The first 3 figures are 2 labours and a door-to-door salesmen.
With the mortar
 These are the 3 figures with the mortar. The idea is to put the first 3 figures on the table at the start of the game along with some other civvies.
Eric with the ammo
 Then swop them for the mortar team when I need the extra fire power. If I can I'll swop them 1 figure at a time during the game. All 4 figures are from Artizan, the mortar is from Empress.
Musketeer Figures now BUF
 3 more of the Black and Tans.
Converted figure, now with sniper rifle
 This 1 had a shotgun which I changed for a sniper rifle.
Sargeant and 2 more riflemen


  1. Fabulous job there chap, I particularly love the stealth mortar team, that's positivly inspired!

  2. Nice work, sir! I envy anyone who can convert figures so well.

  3. I say Mort they are very nice.