Tuesday 31 May 2011

Extracts from '1938, Somerset's Secret War' by Dick Skeggs

Finished sniper in the Wedmore game

Mrs Ook (not her real name) was another great find. Her cake shop (called Mrs Ook’s) not only had the best shortbread biscuits in the west country, but her upstairs tea room over looked the BUF offices in Bristol. From here I could watch all the comings and goings in comfort, with a nice cup of tea. The tea shop quickly became an extension of the BUF canteen and Mrs Ook always had some great titbits of conversation for me. Mr Ook had fallen fowl of the BUF very early in their rise to power and now served as a platoon commander in the SFF. With Mr Ook safe, Mrs Ook did all she could to help us. It was from here I worked on the plan to kill Lord Winterfield.
Mix of BEF and Empress Miniatures also in the Wedmore game

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