Saturday 26 March 2011

Battle for Henton

Fought a second game at Tring on Friday night. Allan with the Anglican League and me commanding the SFF. The battle was in the village of Henton which is in no-mans land between the Anglican League in Wells and the SFF in Wedmore. Both sides patrol (tax) the village, this time the Anglican League plan to take the village as part of their advance on Wedmore.
The game started with an HQ and 1 section of the SFF in the village when the Anglican League started to advance.

The Village of Henton

The Anglican League’s main attack was down the main road with HQ, 2 sections and an armoured car. A 3rd section and armoured car moved towards the ford, on a side road.
SFF patrol

The lead SFF section came under fire from 1 armoured car which it put out if action with fire from a BAR.
Mule mounted mortar team

Armoured car moves in to the ford

  The Anglican League advanced in the centre with 2 sections and its HQ. The SFF hit a lot of Anglican League but could never kill them. The SFF did destroy both of the armoured cars.
SFF bomb team

The second and third SFF sections were slow to arrive which didn’t help them.

Armoured car moves over bridge while the bomb team wait.

When they did the 1 of the left opened fire on the other armoured car as did the SFF mortar team.
The SFF bomb team waited in the cover of the bridge. The SFF section on the right moved up in support of the lead section.
This was down to 3 men and had to use the commanders pluck to pass its run to the hills test.
Anglican League in cover

Mortar team fires on 1 of the armoured cars.

Last 3 men of the SFF lead section

The Anglican League did a lot better reducing 2 sections to 2 men each. At this point the SFF had to pull out.

We both had a good game and decided the following. I need better dice so I can kill what I hit, armoured cars ARE bullet magnets.