Thursday 28 October 2010

The Somerset Freedom Fighters

The Somerset Freedom Fighters started in the 1920s to try and stop Church bailiffs collecting a tithe call Queen Anne’s Bounty. The SFF organised Lorry loads of men to stop the bailiffs. It also used road watchers to look out for the bailiffs and police. The road watchers would then call in any sightings from phone boxes to a central office. The call always started ’ Can I speak to my Grandfather please?’. The SFF did so well that after 3 years the Church had stopped collecting the tithe in Somerset.
During the General Strike the SFF reappeared this time helping the country people get food and fuel. Also moving livestock too and from market this bought them in to conflict with the town based unions.
The SFF are run by an Army council called the Somerset Seven. Each member of the Seven is the commander of 1 of the SFF companies.They are also known as the ‘Grandfathers‘.
They have been joined by an Ulsterman, Dick Skeggs who acts as military advisor. Dick is known as the ‘Godfather‘.
Dick as increased the number of women in the SFF. None are in combat. Most work as messengers, or have been recruited in telephone exchanges where they listen in to conversations. 1 or 2 work in B.U.F offices in Bristol and 
Taunton, helping get vital information.

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