Saturday, 2 March 2013

2nd Battle of Bagdworth

As I didn't get a result the first time I fought this game, I put it on a second time with the Leighton Buzzard club. 
The fighting centered around Badgworth Court which held out for most of the day.

The main table, looking towards the A38
It was a good game. The Anglican's talked themselves in to defending the walls of Badgworth Court and not the trenches. They did put an HMG to cover the T junction, but didn't support it. As they tried to pull the HMG back the crew were killed.
The Royalists then knocked out the Rolls Royce armoured car. That put the Anglican League on to the back foot and they never recovered.

Royalists advance past Badgworth Court, as their Boys AT gun fires at the Rolls A/Car 

Soon to be dead Rolls A/Car
 Nick arrived late and bought on some Anglican League reinforcements but couldn't stop the BUF/Royalist advance. Steph couldn't hit the BUFs tank as it moved in front of the court. The tank then smashed it's way in followed by some infantry.
Nick's Anglican reforcements

BUF enter Badgworth Court
 At the back of the court the Royalists charged in and a mass punch up followed.
All the players enjoyed the game and they are now 3 new VBCW armies being planned in the club.
This battle ends my north Somerset campaign for the time being, the next game will be in the south between Crewkerne  and Yeovil.
Royalist/Anglican League punch up


  1. Great game there Mort and nice pictures.

  2. Another drubbing for the Anglicans! Nice report and eye candy sir!