Monday, 6 August 2012

Sorry It's Been a While

Small gate
 Sorry its been so long since I posted anything. I got sidetracked on to the Russian Civil War. If people are intrested then I'll post some photo's here.
5 Bar gate, old wall section and tree
 We now have a VBCW website this was setup by Ook and is doing very well. Please drop in for a look round.
5 Bare gate GW hedge
These gates where made by at the same time as the stiles. They are stuck to tongue depressers I got from ebay.
The next big thing will be the 2 day vbcw game at Gripping Beast at the end of October. 15+ players on Saturday! The background fluff for the players ran to 5000 words in the end. The political manoeuvreing has started. I can't say to much as most of the players follow the blog.


  1. Surely the next big thing in VBCW worlds is the Big Game at Other Partizan in September, a refight of Stoke Fields. A Pitch Battle

    1. Sorry mate, forgot your next outing. Hope it go's well.