Friday, 29 October 2010

'A' Company Somerset Freedom Fighters, part 1

'A' Company operates around Frome in the north east of Somerset. The company is lead by an officer known only as CT. He is assisted by Wally Pike and Frank Williams. One of the characters in the unit is Mad Sam.
CT is an ex army officer, he was to young to serve in the Great War but did serve in Ireland and Palestine. This gave CT a lot of experience in irregular warfare. Injured and invalided out CT went back in to farming. He was lucky as he owned some land as well as renting some. This meant he was not paying rent, tithe and trying to make a living from the same piece of land.


CT hated how the farmers were treated, having to watch bailiffs take all a families possessions to pay the Queen Anns Bounty made him ferrous. He did everything he could to help other farmers and was soon approached and asked to join the Somerset Freedom Fighters. CT jumped at the chance, and spent the rest of that summer and many others organising lorry loads of farmers to chase church bailiffs across north Somerset.

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